Voi että me ruletaan!

The History
by Marq    

1991 - 1992 - 1993 - 1994 - 1995 - 1996 - 1997 - 1998 - 1999 - 2000 - 2001 - 2002 - 2003 - 2004 - 2005 - 2006 - 2007 - 2008 - 2009-2011 - 2012-2013 - 2014-2015 - 2016-2019 - 2020 - 2021

1991 - The birth

Fit was founded in the beginning of 1991 by three young computer enthousiasts, Markku Reunanen (Giant), Ville Pimenoff (FiNixu) and Mikko Heinonen (XXXXX). The original name was 'Future Image Team' but the shorter form 'Fit' soon replaced it. All of these three fellows were BASIC coders at that time. After a couple of months Jussi Jokinen (Zebra), an Amiga owner back then, joined as a gfx artist.

When XXXXX joined, he asked Giant: "What am I going to do in that team then?" The answer was: "You're going to get us pirate games!"

XXXXX and Zebra had a little scene experience before this too. On the Amiga they had been in a some sort of cracker group called 'The Mega M' under the names Fatman and Hyper JJJ. They had also been in 'The Judges' on the PC. At that time XXXXX's handle was Dr. Beachball. Giant had started his career on the Sharp MZ-721 under the name MHR-soft. 

During the year the fellows started learning some better programming languages than BASIC. Giant and FiNixu choose C (and Forth) and XXXXX concentrated on Pascal. At this time the group had two PCs, one Amiga 500 and of course the Sharp. Zebra sold his A500 and bought a PC (386sx).

1992 - The liar leaves

In the 1992 the things changed a little again. Giant changed his handle to Marq (Yes! That's me!) and XXXXX became our musician. Anarchy Force, the joke-group was founded by the mysterious persons called Sucker, Destroyer and Terminator. AF hasn't released anything yet. Just keep waiting. Marq finally got a PC too (286). 

In the end of the year a demo release was planned. The demo was supposed to be a slide show called 'Division by zero'. The coders weren't really magnificent, and so the release was delayed. Finixu was kicked out of the community because of his bullshit-talk. Mika Oksanen (Mikey Oh!) took his place. Mikey was a raytrace artist and an ST owner. The team bought an Atari Portfolio, which was later used a lot to write reports from our various travels. 

1993 - Groups and productions

In the spring of 1993 an inter-group group called LOAF (Loose Organization Around Fit or Loose Organization Against Finixu) was founded on the trip to Kemijarvi. At its best LOAF had quite a lot members, including Fit (Marq, XXXXX, Zebra & Mikey Oh!), Jukkis, Roz, Mpa, Pete, Cool J and Dr. Who. The long awaited 'Division by zero' was finally released. A little later followed the two intros called 'Turbulence' and 'SITBI' (of which the latter sucks badly). 

Petri Isomäki (Pete) joined from LOAF as a coder. Marq and XXXXX released three documents about scrolling, graphics and picture reading with source code for C, Pascal and assembler. The team got an A500, which soon moved to Zebra. XXXXX got rid of his PC and bought an Amiga 1200, which was a really cool machine then and of course a lot better for composing. A demo called 'T.U.R.O.' (The Ultimate Rip-Off) was released, with some rather advanced features like vector graphics and mod music. 

And then the armageddon started. XXXXX and Mikey Oh! wanted to change the name of the group. Marq and Zebra disagreed. The whole idiocy made the group split into two. Mikey and XXXXX founded a new group called 'The Funky IceCream Machine' - TFICM. TFICM gathered some more members (Willy, Cool J and Roz). Marq, Zebra and Pete were the only ones left in Fit. Right after the split an intro called 'Mother goose' was released. 

1994 - Stumbling

Quite a lot of stuff was released in the beginning of this year. An intro pack featuring one intro from Yrjö Fager (Yzi), Italo Player 1.0 and YM_SMP - a source packet about sample playing. Pete and Marq both bought an A500, but nothing really important was done with them. PDPLAY, the free mod player with source was also released. 

Abduction'94 had the honor to be the first party ever that Fit visited. We had three pictures in the gfx competition and a demo. The results weren't too encouraging. The pictures were 'Holehead' and 'Martial art' by Zebra and 'Fall gal' by Marq. The demo was called 'Anataus naheov' and was the first in the infamous Anataus-series. It's really a wonder that we decided to go to Adbuction after this year, since the party was nothing but a big mistake... 

On 23th of June Yrjö Fager (Yzi) finally joined Fit as a coder and musician. Private player 1.40 was released, it was probably one of the fastest mod players for DAC/SB at that time. Vammala party ('Snap, crackle, pop' that year) was held for the first time and we took the first place in both demo and gfx competitions. 

The next party was Assembly'94 and it was quite a shock after those two small parties. We had made some sort of demo there called 'Vehnä' but it was never released. The other productions were 'New age' a picture by Zebra, a 4kb intro called 'Ortni' and 'Blue progression', a mod by Yzi and Buzzer/Zenon. The mod came fourth in the music competition (WHOA!). 

Yzi bought a GUS, which was a really revolutionary product back then and released a mod player called FMG for it. Pete was rather lazy but still managed to code a texture mapper. At this point Fit owned five PCs, a couple of A500s, two C64s and some other garbage. 

1995 - You're in the army now

Not much happened this year. In Adbuction Yzi took the third place in intro competition with 'Semiotic semblance'. We competed also with a demo called 'Anataus' there and 'Syö leipää', a module by Yzi. Marq went to army and wasn't able to do any coding. In Kokkoontumine - Vammala party'95 we won with the demo called 'Fizer'. 

Yzi and Pete both coded an intro for Assembly, they were 'Mansikka' and 'Suga'. Too bad they didn't make it to the big screen. 'Spinning', a mod by Yzi was played in the music competition. Zebra bought a Pentium/90 but sold it soon and became very inactive. In the autumn Manu Pärssinen (Man) joined as a gfx artist. During the years he has also become our official homepage-machine. 

1996 - In the net

Marq got his freedom back and the team went to Abduction'96. This year the traditional Anataus-series had its third occurence, Anataus III. 'Naisen pää/Woman's head' was coded in a hurry to critisize the gfx competition. Sure worth a look :) Probably the most important release was however Smurffi #1, the Finnish disk mag, featuring some really odd stories written in the party place. Not much success this year either, but at least the party didn't suck. 

In the midsummer there was a football match Fit vs. the rest of the world. We won about 20-10. Pete went to army. The first version of 'Tiny Kiss', a kisekae program for old machines was released. Man made a homepage for us, it's located at http://www.utu.fi/~yrmafa/fitpage.html 

The most important party of the year, Kyyainnak - Vammala party'96 was held in the beautiful village of Karkku. We won every major compo there, except disk throwing. None of the successful productions were released. At Assembly'96 Yzi took the sixth place in the multi channel music competition with 'Amarillo'. Man had a picture in the gfx competition but it didn't succeed too well. Just before Assembly we got the lovely new team-t-shirts (Fit - lihaa säästämättä, laadusta tinkimättä). Smurffi #2 was released in the autumn. 

1997 - The glorious days

The year 1997 started with a BBS intro for our HQ, TurboHyttynen BBS. The intro was coded By Marq. In the April we celebrated the sixth birthday of Fit and almost coded an intro. Later in the spring the coders gathered to Hervanta, Tampere to code Anataus IV for almost a week. A brand new mod player was created so that we could support also the SB cards in 32-bit programs. 

Abduction'97 was a great succes for us! In the gfx competition Man came fourth with 'Cool' and Marq was 11th with 'Mangaporno rulaa'. Yzi took the second place in the music competition with his mod called 'Ajatusbuusteri', he also came fourth in the PC intro competition with 'Mustan kissan paksut pikselit'. The real surprise was however the third place of our annual Anataus-production. Smurffi #3 was released right after the party. 

And, unsurprisingly, then came the Vammala party again. This year the party was named 'Tiara joulu'. The biggest success this year was Marq's victory in the disk throwing. Yzi won the music competition etc. but the most important thing was of course having fun. We visited Assembly too, but our productions didn't really take off. Yzi competed with a mod called 'Phuzz klavi' and Man with a picture 'Kissendaali'. We managed to code some sort of intro at the party place in a few hours. 'I can feel the sweet spring' is a kind of parody of the current demo style. 

In the end of the August some changes took place again. Two more members joined: Jarkko Rotsten (Roz) as a musician and Antti Isomäki (Atn) as a 2D/3D artist. It seems that we have some kind of Amiga section now, since Roz and Man are long-term Amigos and Marq bought an A1200 too. 

Three of our members, Marq, Pete and Roz visited the Scenario'97. The party sucked badly and we had no inspiration to make anything. Roz took part in the music competition and Man had some success in the gfx competition with 'Gypsy typsy'. At about this time we finally got our internet server, kameli.yok.utu.fi, up and running thanks to Yzi's hard work.

The year 1997 ended with a coproduction with RNO (Rave Network Overscan). The 40k intro 'Uloste' for The Party was our very first Amiga production and it even got shown in the compo. Marq and Roz can be held responsible for the code and music. 'No copy?' page, mainly designed by Man, became a great success and holds currently about 100 pictures. Other pages at our server are 'The Buzzer MOD Archive' and 'Fit on Mars'. A new Fit-homepage was created by Yzi and is located at http://www.kameli.net/fit/.

1998 - Platform is not a problem

Not much happened in the beginning of this year, we gathered again in Karkku to celebrate the seventh birthday. Getting old, are we? Man created a gallery of Zebra's artwork, the page can be found here: http://www.kameli.net/jjj/ . The first production this year was the very first musicdisk for Linux: Xus aneX , featuring music by Roz.

Surprisingly, then it was time to go to Abduction again. We competed with Anataus 5 in the demo compo. Yzi made it to the second place with his mod 'Puoli volttia' and Manu took the third place in gfx compo with 'Surf 2008'. Anataus was later ported to Linux by Marq and Pete. Roz and Marq visited Motorola Inside'98 too. A shitty Amiga intro called Palmusunnuntai was coded at the party place and didn't do too well in the compo.

What else? Man finished his studies (congratulations!) and Vammala party was held for the fifth time. Neljä'98 was a great success, although we didn't do that well in the competitions (except the triple victory in gfx and the first place in demo compo). We might invade yet another platform in the future, since Marq bought a Falcon030. Roz went to The Party with other RNO-members.

1999 - We're mature

The first important Fit-happening this year was the 8th anniversary at Karkun työväentalo, luckily all members were able to be present. Turbohyttynen BBS (03-5130029) user meeting was held at the same time. Important decisions were made, more about them in the future. Marq released the Linux port of Turbohyttynen BBS intro with asm source. Zebra won "The compo" with Miha (ex-member of us) with a creative videoproduction.

This year Abduction was cancelled and it was uncertain whether we would be making Anataus 6 at all. However, after a short while of coding at Vammala party we managed to come up with a simple demo called "Vesivehmaan Tobira-2" which won the demo compo. Afterwards the demo was upgraded to Anataus 6 and competed at Assembly. At Vammala party we won the demo compo, gfx, fast music, classic game and disk throwing. Vammala party has now a web site too thanks to Man. Roz won the music compo at Plutonium 2.

Marq and Roz went to Assembly, thanks to Roz's prize money. The night before Marq and Pete had coded like maniacs and Anataus 6 was ready to hit the scene bigtime. Ana6 was the only shown Linux production at Assembly and got the 9th place in unaccelerated demo compo. Later Marq made a fixed version of Ana5, with better timing, gfx support and less library hassle. Go get it from here. Marq got an Digital AlphaStation 200 4/100 that was added to the ever-growing list of target platforms. Roz started studying music and Zebra graphics. Sounds (and looks) good to me.

The Anataus craze continued with DOS-version of Anataus 6. It's a bit faster than the Linux version because of Wetcum C compiler and a different execution scheme (DOS loads the exe into memory in one chunk unlike Linux). And as if that wasn't enough the story continued with AlphaLinux-version of Anataus 6! The productions -page was updated, now we've got a screenshot of each demo.

Marq (with a little help from Duke NEMO/Coma) made a new voting system for Vammala party. The source was released too. We got new T-shirts again. No slogan this time, just kewl yellow color and design logo. A new platform was invaded in the end of the year, as Mahabharata, a demo for Atari Falcon competed at The Party. Some Atari people even liked it, gee!

2000 - Super y2k millennium party

Some sort of renaissance took place in January, namely Marq ported Division by zero for PC-, Alpha- and PPC-Linux . With some kind help from Dr.Dick/(B) Marq and Pete ported Anataus 6 to PPC-Linux. Nobody we know has a PPC-Mac with Linux , so it was tested only on PPC-Amiga. A bit later followed the SGI-version.

Oh yes! We finally got our very own domain: kameli.net. These pages are now located at http://www.kameli.net/fit/. Any reference to the old address will be correctly redirected. We got our very own directory in scene.org (does this mean we are elite now ?v)

Thanks to some script kiddie Kameli had to be reinstalled. Unfortunately that didn't go very well and Yzi gave up. After about a month the machine was sent to Marq, who put it back to business. We got some quite high rankings in Atari charts: Mahabharata was 11th in the Falcon demo category, Fit was fifth in the Falcon crew category and first in the newcomer category (whoa!). Roz made the music for Haujobb's Amiga-intro called "Distorted" which came second at Mekka Symposium 2000.

The Anataus porting effort continued again. The time had come for a Sparc-version (Solaris). Because of Domaininfo kameli.net was offline over a month, but now it should be back for good. At 2 Alternative party we won the demo compo with Manschester Schwartzwurst, a demo for Atari Falcon. Big thanks to the Friends-section. Atn made a small BASIC demo for the compo too (ranked 6th). Man started his Vectrex-project.

At Assembly'2k we competed with Anataus 7 (Linux). Unfortunately we didn't make it to the big screen, the competition was extremely tough. We participated in the Alternative demonstration against game-lamers. Here are some pictures. Marq with his picture and Roz with his tune weren't successful either. The seventh port of Anataus 6 was the BeOS version. Anataus 7 was ported to SGI and on the same very day to BeOS as well! Later followed a version for Windoze.

We had a quiet autumn, as usual. The only thing worth mentioning aside the Anataus ports is that SVS was used at the Proxy 1886 party. The system worked fine AFAIK. Anataus 6 was ported to Windoze, which was the 8th platform it runs on.

2001 - Ten years

The year started with Windoze version of Anataus 5 and our tenth anniversary celebration. And that's about it, I'm afraid. We went to Assembly but with very little success.

2002 - Comeback or debut?

God damn! We thought we were goners already but you never know. Marq, Pete and Roz managed to hack together a 64k Linux intro for Assembly. The production called
One day miracle was our first in two years. Marq also participated in the gfx compos, but let's just say his style was a bit different from the current scene style. He also participated in RNO's demo "Electroluxus" for Mekka Symposium. Soon after its release Miracle was ported to Mac OS X, SGI and Windows too (see the link above). Finally the first Mac production!

Marq got porting crazy and ported several productions to Mac OS X. Done so far: Anataus 6, Anataus 7, Dose 2 (also for SGI and the source) and Fortnight by mfx, Nean der taler by NAN5, Hätä by dA Jormas and Yuri nation by NAN5 (also for Linux). You'll find Ana6/7 in the productions list.

And if that's not enough: we even released another production. The thing is called "Dr.Fungi" and was made in less than 60 hours for macscene.org's iQuest 2002 demo competition. Bright colors and funky music. This is also the very first OpenGL production by us. The usual OSX/Linux/Windoze/SGI versions and the source available. Go get it!

2003 - Still alive

At the end of february it was time to celebrate our 12th birthday. Damn, hopefully we're easy teenagers. The source of One day miracle was released and should compile straight out of the box on at least Linux, IRIX, OSX and Cygwin. Later on Piru and Tohe/Zenon made three different Amiga-versions of it, you'll find them in the same directory. And that's not all! Pete and Marq started the porting engine again and now we also have Anataus 4 for both Linux and Windoze.

A new production was created for Stream'03. It's called Dr.Fungi goes Africa. We even got the third place -- who would have thought? The usual ports available, I'm sure you know.

For Assembly'03 we had made two pictures and two intros. The 64k "Leeko" placed third in the 64k intro compo, which alone would have been our greatest placement there ever. However, the real hit was "Yellow Rose of Texas", a cooperation with Bandwagon, which won the 4k intro compo with a clear margin of 8000 points. We're still staggering. We also got a special honorary mention from the Alt party organizers. Rose was originally for Linux but was later ported to SGI/OSX/Win/MorphOS, Leeko is available for OSX/SGI/Win as well.


2004 - Men at work

At this age it's quite obvious that there's quite little free time to spend for demos. However, we keep trying. At the beginning of the year Marq and NF made another Fit & Bandwagon cooperation, this time a dynamic demo for The Alternative Party. The production was called Micery and it took the second place. Some people loved it, some hated -- that's the way it goes. To top all the glory we got with Yellow Rose we were given the 2003 Scene.org award for the best 4k. Now this rules.

Another cooperation was realized for the Amiga party Motorola Inside. The production is called Chrysler and won the demo compo. Later followed the ports and source as usual. See here. Marq made a quick hack to let people run Soundtracker 0.6.7 on OS X. Look in the directory.

This year's Assembly 4k wasn't such a big hit: in the very good-quality competition Je regrette placed 5th. We got a prize nevertheless :) Jenny thinks, the sequel to Chrysler, was 4th in the mobile demo competition. No prizes this time. Both prods were coded by Marq and Nf/Bandwagon. Roz made the music for Jenny.


2005 - Routine, routine

The 14th anniversary was celebrated at Atn's place and featured a live jamming session of Yzi and Roz. Marq supported the session with some realtime visuals which were a part of his Master's thesis. A great evening, to say the least.

Naturally we had to visit MI'05 in Turku. Marq and Roz took the first place in the demo compo with a funky production called Hex Pistols. Later it was again ported to every imaginable platform and device. Roz ruled the music compo (and got an iPod Shuffle for that) and even placed 2nd in the graphics competition. Hopefully we'll get to see the party again next year. At Vammala Party we were victorious in every scene compo and Marq won the notorious Nerd sports triathlon as well :)

We had planned a mobile demo for Ass'05 for a long time but the odds were against us. Man travelled to America, Zebra went on a boating trip and Pete got ill so we didn't manage to complete the prod in time. On the other hand this was a lucky coincidence, since Marq had time to hack yet another 4k with Nf. Make it 4k was a minor hit in the modest competition and won with a clear margin of 5000 points. Now we'll only have to sell that pityful Visual Studio we got as a prize to someone... Roz made it to the competition with his vocal music entry and got two of his Werkkzeug prods to the bigscreen under the labels wAMMA and Rozware. Marq gave a presentation in the seminar about portable demo coding.


2006-2007 - Not much to tell

During these two years we didn't really do much. In 2006 Marq & Roz made a quick and dirty 64k for Assembly'96: Emo Defect. A bit more effort was put to Stercus Accidit, the winner of Motorola Inside'06 demo competition. Some of us visited some parties such as Assembly, Vammala party and Alt Party, but we didn't release anything. Roz has continued his activities with RNO and wAMMA making Blitz Basic demos such as Grand theft mod, Rajut hevit and Diskoalifight with a little help from Marq. Some new ports have appeared, most notably for Sega Dreamcast, GP32 and GP2X.


2008 - Zombie still walking

The year started with yet another porting craze. Marq ported our old SDL stuff to a couple of platforms more, namely Maemo (N800), PSP and Nintendo Wii. Additionally he ported prods made by other people to PSP, Dreamcast, IRIX, Linux, Mac, GP2X and even GP32. Examples of these are Planet Hively by IRIS & Up Rough and Viagra by Kewlers. See the ports directory for these. Marq was also interviewed for Hugi about portability.

After a break of two years we managed to make a real demo as well. fit-039: Boy was released at Icons'08 and to our surprise won the democompo out of 21 entries. Code, graphics and modeling by Marq, music by Roz. The usual Lin/Win/OSX/IRIX ports can be found in the directory together with the MorphOS and OS4 versions plus the full source. Roz & Marq made a Syna-based extreme music entry called Solanoid Surfers for GP2X. Source included as usual. Our other activities did not take place under the Fit label, but Roz made a wAMMA-demo for Icons'08. Marq, Yzi & Man returned to MSX, producing Atsaas for MSX Info Update. The Demo scene research page has seen some updates too.


2009-2011 - 20 years and as a pig

Professional life has finally taken its toll. Even if most of us work in a somewhat related field of new media, the creative Fit activities have pretty much ceased. Marq has still been porting some stuff to obscure platforms such as GP2x Wiz, OS/2 or RiscPC. Another track of experiments are the Processing ports of a couple of productions: Division by Zero, T.U.R.O. and Yellow Rose of Texas (a couple of versions: 1, 2, 3). Marq and Yzi have also produced more stuff for the MSX under the Lives!Tuore label, which just got a bit more fresh Fit blood into it, when Roz joined as a musician. Marq managed to finish his licentiate thesis called Computer Demos - What Makes Them Tick?

Year 2011 marks our 20th anniversary, which was celebrated accordingly, of course. Even a new production was done for Ass'11, namely See Sharp for the Sharp MZ-700 series (should run on MZ-800 too). Later in the fall we went to the excellent Dataparty where our first ever Commodore 64 productions were released - three tunes and an fli piccy. All conveniently located on a d64 image here.


2012-2013 - Cats & Windows

First it was time to explore some new platforms more, so we recreated the annoying Nyan Cat on a couple of less-than-common demo machines, namely the Sharp MZ-700, Sinclair QL and Panasonic JR-200. Yzi heard the call of the mainstream operating systems and made My First GLSL Ray Marcher for Stream and later A View to a Grid for Assembly. One more Panasonic (+MSX) production came out at Vammala Party in the form of SR-200. A smooth scroller and a simple tune might not seem like much at first, but the amount of work behind them is high to say the least, because of the lack of documentation and tools.

And that's not even all of it. Demodays'12 saw our first full-size nuskoolish demo since 2008. Once upon a Time in the East is a stylistic experiment in the spirit of the Soviet Union + spaghetti westerns. First made for GP2X with plenty of ports to follow, as usual.

2013 brought more productions, now that we got started again. One of the highlights was the glorious victory at Assembly 1k compo with Tendrils, a collaboration of Yzi and Rale/Traction. Yay! Marq hacked together a PETSCII editor called PETSCII, which has since been used by several artists for creating text art. The First Ball and Beisikki  demo, made with the said editor by us and Dr. TerrorZ, won their respective compos at Zoo'13.


2014-2015 - A mixed bag

Our efforts had now spread to various platforms here and there: tiny Windows intros, C-64 graphics, retro tools and so on. Yzi's efforts with Rale/Traction were well received -- Stellar Driftwood and Gravity Haze both got the second place at Assembly in the 1k intro competition. Together with Dr. TerrorZ we added one more platform to the already lengthy list with The Unhanged for the Spectrum 48k + AY cart. Our old Linux and Mac prods were becoming impossible to run on modern computers, so Marq cleaned them up and turned them into a collection called Fit for Autopsy.

The PETSCII editor kept improving again and was extensively used at Zoo'15 PETSCII compo. Unfortunately this time we had to skip the party; better luck next time! To make up for that loss we finally managed to go to Payback, which was held the last time.

Marq has been studying the demoscene for quite a while now and publishing academic papers on it, too. See here for some of them. He was invited to a conference (Kultura gier komputerowych) in Lodz, Poland, to give a keynote on a demo-related topic. His thesis on the scene has been in the works for a bit too long by now, but there is always hope. Maybe next year :)


2016-2019 - We never left

Big massive megademo efforts have been absent recently, but looking back, there has been a steady flow of smaller productions here and there. Most notably Yzi has kept the flag flying with his 1k and 4k intros, but that's far from all. The "C64 section" has been active all the time, as you can observe on our CSDb page. Roz has participated in music competitions, and all in all we've visited the standard set of parties ranging from Assembly to Zoo and Vammala party of course. As a "back to the roots" comeback, we even released a couple of MS-DOS demos again -- Deep Hyttynen was a nice joint effort with contributions from most members again.

Yzi's Compofiller Studio has kept improving, as well as Marq's PETSCII Editor. The Demoscene Research page is updated regularly, and Marq has published some more scene-related studies, too, which we could count as releases for our academic section. One of the most notable ones was of course Times of Change in the Demoscene: A Creative Community and Its Relationship with Technology, a doctoral dissertation on demos (find the hidden part!). Marq joined Dekadence, Yzi Saunagroup, and Manu (not "Man" anymore) with Roz Byterapers in order to extend a helping hand to those struggling lesser groups.


2020 - This is cultural heritageTM

The scene year started with a biggie, when the Finnish demoscene was recognized as living heritage by the national UNESCO chapter. See the news here. Marq was a member of the working group -- coordinated by the Finnish Museum of Games -- behind the application. He wrote the application text and also found most of the supporting societies. Manu, as a member of the Pelikonepeijoonit collective, is one of the masterminds behind the museum itself. And as if that wasn't enough glory, Roz received the Game Audio Award 2020 for his Ion Fury tracker music soundtrack!

Vammala Party finally has a website again. In spite of the corona spring the party was organized again in August, and we landed victories in the tuplain, gfx and disc throwing (gold and silver!) compos.


2021 - Thirty years and as a pig

Oh boy, this year marked our thirtieth anniversary, which we celebrated as usual with sauna, competitions, singing, mod music, a demoshow and a nostalgic slideshow. Yzi won the quiz on team history. Instead of getting another team t-shirt we got "HK" stickers that can be stuck on laptops, phones and so on to display some loyalty. Our recent productions have been PETSCII and other graphics, music and again some tiny intros by Yzi.

Written by Marq/Fit
Edited by Yzi/Fit
Last modified Jul 25th 2020