The Productions

Our demos, intros etc. in chronological order

Explanations of the platform icons:

MS-DOS. Various requirements from DAC to GUS.
AGA and other Amiga-like such as WarpOS, MorphOS and OS4.
Amiga OCS. For example, Amiga 500.
Generally means x86 Linux, but other ports such as PPC or AMD64 Linux might be available.
Atari Falcon030
SGI/IRIX. For 6.5 systems. Some ports require a few SGI Freeware libs.
Other Unix. Typically Solaris, NetBSD or FreeBSD.
BeOS x86 PE
The boring Win32 systems ranging from 95 to Windows 7 and beyond. Pretty much everything should run on XP.
Mac OS X. Older stuff is PPC only, so you'll need Rosetta.
GamePark GP32, the Korean handheld.
GamePark GP2X, another Korean handheld.
Dreamcast. Stuff should work equally with PAL, NTSC and VGA.
Maemo 4 - Nokia N800/N810 Linux PDAs.
PlayStation Portable. Use unofficial firmwares (developed on 4.xx M33).
Nintendo Wii. Use Twilight hack or preferably Homebrew Channel to load.
QNX Neutrino on x86. Only tested on Qemu.
IBM OS/2. Tested with Warp 4.52 only. Might require libc063 installed.
Acorn RiscPC series with StrongARM. Not extensively tested.
Mer Linux for ARM-based devices. Tested on N800.
GP2X Wiz, the successor of GP2X
Sharp MZ-700 (and probably MZ-800)
Good old Commodore 64. Tested on a few configurations plus VICE.
Sinclair QL. Not tested on emulators, turbos or later models such as Q40.
Panasonic JR-200UP, the PAL model. Good luck finding one of these.
MSX compatibles, PAL MSX1/MSX2. We'll probably leave this side to L!T in the future.
The Vectrex game console
Commodore Plus/4 and probably expanded C16, too. Use Plus4emu instead of VICE.
ZX Spectrum compatibles. Hardware requirements may vary.
Commodore VIC-20, possibly with extensions.
Source available.

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Division by zero  [DOS][Linux]

The first shit. A slideshow with ct-voice & DAC music. 1993. In 2000 ported to PPC/Alpha/x86-Linux by Marq.


A totally crap intro. 1993.

Turbulence  [DOS]

Yet another intro, ct-voice music only. 1993.

T.U.R.O.  [DOS]

The first real demo by us, featuring mod-music through SB/DAC and some simple vectors. 1993.

Mother goose  [DOS]

An intro with a funny (yet boring) writer and music with SB/DAC. 1993.

Italo player  [DOS]

A very simple SB/DAC modplayer. 1994.


Sample player sources for SB/DAC/C/Pascal. 1994.

Fit intro pack  [DOS]

Some intros with SB/DAC music. 1994.

Private player  [DOS]

A reasonably fast modplayer with SB/DAC support. 1994.

Ortni  [DOS]

Yzi's 4k-intro from ASM'94. 1994. Source


Yet another player, this time with C/Pascal source. Supports DAC/SB/GUS. 1995.

FitMOD for GUS  [DOS]

The last of the modplayers, this time for GUS. 1995.

Semiotic semblance  [DOS]

An intro by Yzi. Took 3rd place at ABD'95, GUS music. 1995.

Anataus (2)  [DOS]

Our demo for ABD'95. Rather unstable, music with SB/GUS. 1995.

Suga  [DOS]

Not-so-good intro for ASM'95. Supports SB/GUS. 1995.

Mansikka  [DOS]

Quite funny intro for ASM'95. GUS only. 1995.

Naisen paa  [DOS]

A joke-production for ABD'96 with GUS 'music'. 1996.

Anataus 3  [DOS]

Our cheesy contribution to the ABD'96 demo compo. GUS music. 1996.

Smurffi #1  [DOS]

The first issue of our diskmag, released at ABD'96. DAC/SB/GUS music. 1996.

Tiny kiss  [DOS]

A small kisekae-program by Marq, especially good for slow machines. 1996.

Smurffi #2  [DOS]

The second issue of Smurffi. 1996.

Turbohyttynen BBS intro  [DOS]

A small BBS-intro for Turbohyttynen. 1997. Linux port (SVGAlib+NASM) from 1999.

Mustan kissan paksut pikselit  [DOS]

Yzi's contribution to ABD'97 intro compo, came 4th. Funny texts... Only GUS support seems to work. 1997.

Anataus 4  [DOS]

The fourth member of the Anataus-series, 3rd at the ABD'97 demo compo. Contains the famous 'Love boat' part. Supports VESA2/SB/GUS. 1997. Linux/Windoze ports from 2003 and GP2X/DC/PSP from 2008.

Smurffi #3  [DOS]

The third issue of our diskmag. 1997.

I can feel the sweet spring  [DOS]

Some 'true art', made in about three hours at ASM'97. 1997.

Uloste  [Amiga]

A co-production with RNO for TP'97 Amiga intro compo. Took the 9th place. 030 recommended. 1997.

Xus aneX  [Linux]

Our very first Linux production. The first ever musicdisk for Linux, featuring mods by Roz. Uses SVGALib. 1998.

Anataus 5  [DOS]

The fifth incarnation of Anataus. Took the fourth place at ABD'98. Contains the infamous 'Bubble bobble' part. Supports VGA/VESA2/GUS/SB. 1998. Linux port from the same year, Windoze version 2001.

Palmusunnuntai  [Amiga]

A small shitty Amiga intro for Motorola inside'98. Graphics by Substance/DCS^Kinky, everything else by Marq & Roz. 040+ highly recommended. 1998.

Anataus 6  [Linux]

Anataus 6, the only Linux demo at Assembly'99. Runs with X11/Shm/DGA/OSS/libc6. 1999. Also available for DOS (1999), Alpha/PPC-Linux (1999), IRIX (2000), Solaris (2000), x86 BeOS (2000), Windoze (2000) and Mac OS X (2002).

Simple Voting System

The compo voting system originally made for Vammala party. Full Perl source included. Mostly by Marq with some help from Duke NEMO/Coma. 1999.

Mahabharata  [Atari]

Our first Atari Falcon production. Competed at TP'99 Wild compo. Demosystem by former Admirables & Flash members. Requires 4M RAM. 1999.

Manschester Schwartzwurst  [Atari]

The winner of 2 Alternative party democompo. Demosystem and some parts by "Friends-section" (Sturm, Acorn and Shd/Mystic). Requires Falcon030 and 4M RAM. 2000.

Anataus 7  [Linux]

Leftover from the Assembly'2k demo compo. The usual X/Shm/DGA/OSS/libc6 stuff. 2000. Now packed with UPX so works with all distributions! And the usual ports: IRIX (2000), BeOS (2000), Winblows (2000), OS X (2002).

One day miracle  [Linux]

A fast party intro for Assemly'02, featuring even some design. Still using CoolAPI, so it's X11/Shm/DGA1/OSS/libc6. This is the final version, not the crappy compo version. IRIX, OS X, Windoze and MorphOS versions from 2002. The source is available as well. Blast from the past: MS-DOG version was compiled in 2004. Ported to AOS4 in 2005 by Varthall/Up Rough. Now for Wii as well (2008). 2002.


A quick funk production for's iQuest 2002 competition. Several ports (Mac OS X/Win/SGI/Linux) and the source available in the directory. Uses OpenGL and SDL. Thanks to Ren/Halcyon for his contribution. 2002.

Dr.Fungi goes Africa  

Another quick funk production. This time for Stream'03. The usual ports and the source available in the directory. Uses OpenGL and SDL. Thanks to Ren/Halcyon again for his contribution. 2003.


A 64k intro which placed 3rd in Assembly'03. Lin/OSX/Win/SGI/MorphOS/OS4/src. OpenGL and SDL again. Made by Marq and Roz. 2003.

Yellow Rose of Texas  

The winner of Assembly'03 4k intro compo. A coproduction with Bandwagon. Our best placing entry ever! Full source included of course. Hacked together by Marq and NF/Bandwagon. SGI, OSX, Win, MorphOS, QNX, PPC-Amiga, Solaris and C source versions available as well. Now (2007) even for S60 mobiles, iPhone and Android, thanks to wbs! The newest port is for PSP. 2003.


A dynamic demo from Alternative party'04. A cooperation with Bandwagon. The usual versions available as well as the source. 2004.


The winner of Motorola Inside'04 demo compo. A cooperation with Bandwagon. Originally for 060/AGA Amigas, but the usual ports are in the dir. Ported to AOS4 in 2005 by Varthall/Up Rough. 2004.

Jenny Thinks  

Gamepark GP32 demo from Assembly'04. Continues in the spirit of Chrysler. A cooperation with Bandwagon. The ports and source are there. Thanks to Jupp3 for the MorphOS port and Cahva/RNO for FreeBSD port. The latest addition is the Wii version (2008). 2004.

Je Regrette  

A 4k intro hacked together by Marq and NF/Bandwagon. Placed 5th at Assembly'04. Source included. 2004.

Hex Pistols  

A funky AGA/060 Amiga demo from Motorola Inside'05. Took the first place. Open source as usual. Code/gfx by Marq, music by Roz. Thanks to Piru for the MorphOS port and Crust for the PSP port. 2005.

Make it 4k  

The funky winner of Asm'05 4k intro compo. A cooperation of Marq and Nf/Bandwagon. Originally for Linux, but the usual ports will follow. Thanks to Fragment/RNO for the Win port. Asm and C sources available. 2005.

Emo Defect  

A quick 64k by Marq and Roz for Asm'06. Placed 5th. 2006.

Stercus Accidit  

An attempt at gothic style. Featuring some vectors, music sync and raytraced lookup tables. Originally made for AGA/060 Amigas and then ported to numerous platforms as usual. The very first prod to appear on GP2X! Won the modest demo compo of MI'06. 2006.

fit-039: Boy  

Another stylistic experiment released at Icons'08. Won the demo compo. The usual ports available and maybe more in the future. SDL+GL 1.0. Thanks to Shape/DCS for the MorphOS port and Spot/Up Rough for the OS4 version. 2008.

Solanoid Surfers  

The extreme music entry by Roz & Marq from Ass'08. Soft synth running on the GP2X. Source and an mp3 version included. AOS4 version by Spot. 2008.

See Sharp  

Our 20th anniversary production, published for the Sharp MZ-700 series (Marq's first computer). From Ass'11 old school demo compo. Link to qt-video. 2011.

Fit Goes Dataparty 2011  

Not really a demo, but a collection of three tunes (Kaiho, Korjaamo, Opin joskus) and an FLI image (Sommartiden hej hej). Our first stuffz ever for Commodore 64!


A silly Internet meme implemented on Sharp by Marq & Yzi. Qt-video and Youtube. 2012.

Nyan Leap  

A silly Internet meme implemented on Sinclair QL by Marq & Yzi. Qt-video and Youtube. 2012.


A silly Internet meme implemented on Panasonic JR-200UP by Marq & Yzi. Qt-video and Youtube. 2012.

My First GLSL Ray Marcher  

Yzi's first experiment with modern 4k intro coding. Competed at Stream'12. Youtube video. 2012.


Our contribution for Vammala Party'12, a little proof-of-concept smooth scroller screen for Panasonic JR-200UP. Later ported to MSX just out of curiosity by Marq and Yzi. Qt-video and Youtube. 2012.

A View to a Grid  

Yzi's first experiment with modern 1k intro coding. No sound. Competed at Assembly '12. Youtube video. 2012.

Once upon a Time in the East  

Also known as Huulikorppuhastaja. A tribute of some sort to spaghetti westerns. Released at Demodays'12, originally for the GamePark GP2X. Youtube video. 2012.


1k intro for Windows by Traction and Fit. Released at Assembly 2013, winner of the 1k intro compo. Youtube video. 2013.

Horrornado2: Who Else Can Upgrade a Compofiller  

1k intro for Windows coded by Yzi. Released at Sundown 2013, placed last in the combined intro compo. Youtube video. 2013.


A PETSCII editor that started as Marq's one-night Processing hack for Zoo'13 and eventually turned into something useful. Features 1/4 char drawing, copy/paste, multiple export formats, C64/VIC-20/PET/Plus4 support and much more. For further info see the project page. 2013.

Random Access Vector  

A short intro for the Vectrex video game console featuring the hit song of summer 2013. Coded by Man, Music by Yzi. 2013.

The First Ball  

Our first ever C64 demo! Won the Zoo'13 demo competition. Guest starring Dr. TerrorZ in gfx+code. Music by Yzi, some code by Marq. Quickly ported to the Plus/4 as well. 2013.

Beisikki  demo  

A BASIC experiment by Marq&Yzi from Zoo'13. 2013.

Fit Goes Zoo'13  

A collection of PETSCII/music entries for Zoo'13: Daft Peek by Man, PET Games and Suck, You Ducker! by Marq, Le Mule Mu and The Quilabot by Dr. TerrorZ, Zoo- ja zorkkatauti and Toisellainem piisi by Yzi. 2013.

Peach GLSL Shader of Japan  

Windows 1k intro for Tokyo Demo Fest 2014 by Yzi. 2014.

Fimpo Coller Season 1 Episode 2  

Windows 4k intro for Outline 2014 by Yzi. 2014.

The Unhanged  

Our first ZX Spectrum production, a realtime sprite intro with a PSG tune. Released at Vammala Party'14 under the "Fit & Friends" label. Only 48k required plus an optional AY cart for the sound. Done by Dr. TerrorZ, Marq and Yzi. 2014.

Stellar Driftwood  

1k intro for Windows by Traction and Fit. Released at Assembly 2014, 2nd in the 1k intro compo. 2014.

Fit for Autopsy  

A demopack consisting of our most memorable moments (or something). The prods were getting hard to run on modern computers. 2014.

Abrels Nagima  

Amiga OCS karaoke demo to celebrate Amiga 30 years. 2015.

Pixel Polizei  

An image converter/checker that lets you use your favorite paint program for drawing without any plugins: draw something, check if the image adheres to color limits with PP and save in various native formats. Plenty of platforms supported already plus more in the works. 2016.

Rock joka tiesi... liikaa!  

Probably the first computer-drawn and published comic from 1983. Originally done by Reima Makinen and Riitta Uusitalo. Now Rock has returned back to the VIC-20 (16k) in an interactive form. 2016.

Fit Goes Vammala Party 2016  

A collection of C-64 compo pics from Vammala Party 2016. Dr. TerrorZ's works included. 2016.

C-visa 2016  

Marq and Manu's Commodore quiz held at Oldskool Commodore Weekend 2016. Interactive PETSCII presentation running on the C-64. Correct answers. 2016.

Nothing but PET SKI  

A jolly little PETSCII intro for Vammala Party'17 by Dr. TerrorZ, Marq and Yzi. In the same dir a d64 image with compopics. 2017.

Deep Hyttynen  

Demo for Pentium+GUS DOS PC, for Assembly 2017 oldskool demo compo.

Pallot ja pallo  

Windows 3k intro for Simulaatio 2018 by Yzi. 2018.

Jazzy Scuba Adventure  

Windows 1k intro for Assembly 2018 by Yzi. 2018.

Compofiller Studio Global Offensive  

Windows 4k intro for Solskogen 2019 by Yzi. 2019.

Attack of the Mutant Boxes für Elise  

Windows 1k intro for Assembly 2019 by Yzi. 2019.

Bicycle Trip  

Windows 4k intro for Assembly 2019 by Yzi. 2019.

Paavo V Force  

Windows 4k intro for TRSAC 2019 by Yzi. 2019.

borx 14  

Windows 4k intro for Vortex 2019 by Yzi. 2019.

borx 15  

Windows 4k intro for Vortex 2019 by Yzi. 2019.


A quick artsy Processing/Java blurb for Vammala Party'20.


Demos or intros made by someone else, but ported by us to various platforms. Take a look at the directory.